Nha Trang Culture – A Beautiful Harmony of Great People and Amazing Views

Nha Trang is beautiful. This is a fact. Anyone who has visited before would agree without a hint of hesitation. The natural beauty of Nha Trang comes from its white sandy beaches that look almost fairy-like. Its beauty comes from its pristine water, which acts as a mirror that reflects the sapphire blue sky year round. Its beauty comes from the dreamy, gorgeous forest that perpetually plays a symphony with the sound of the waves crashing against its shores. But there is a side of Nha Trang’s beauty that you can only experience when you get there; it is the culture of central Vietnam that invites you in and treats you as one of their own. Come to Nha Trang, discover the nature, experience the culture, and fall in love. 

Photographer: Eddy Chow


Nha Trang is considered the most prosperous land in all of Central Vietnam – an area that is blessed with the sun and the wind year round. All of nature’s gifts are on display in the Duyen Hai area of Nha Trang; from the paradise of the islands in the mesmerizing water, to the open fields and to the grand old forest. With the passage of time and the help of local citizens, Nha Trang has grown; slowly embracing modernity, this coastal town perfectly balances the man-made with nature. The people of Nha Trang live happily in their home that they have nurtured over time. Their happiness and love of their home warms the heart of any visitor.

The people of Nha Trang don’t live in the fast lane like in Saigon, aren’t as serious as the people of Hanoi, and they are not bogged down by the decorum of tradition as the people of Hue, the old capital. They live their lives in the fields and on the sea. They are hardworking, honest, and simple people, not bound by strict stereotypes. It seems as though the crisp fresh air of the mountains and the gentle breeze of the sea has calmed the souls of the Nha Trang-ese. Everything about Nha Trang is one-of-a-kind, and you will recognize this with just a glance. Travelers will feel the love, generosity, care, and happiness exuding from every aspect of life in Nha Trang.

Photographer: Hải Trình


To Vietnamese people, the accent of Nha Trang is a blend of both the Southern and Central speech. Nha Trang is located at the Southern part of Central Vietnam, so naturally their culture is a mashup of both regions. This accent is familiar yet distinct, and it is always delivered with a warm smile. The people of Nha Trang make you want to stay and chat forever.

The simplicity in their way of living result in a very straight forward way of communication, which is very Central-area like. No hooks, no indirect starts, they will jump into any conversation and make it as genuine as possible. With their gentle and sweet speech, you can never find their conversations annoying, only heartwarming. Once you experience it, it gets hard to leave.


Nha Trang hosts all sorts of festivals year round! The festivals here are part of the rituals, traditions and religious beliefs that make the city such a rich and diverse place in terms of culture. In Nha Trang, it seems like every traditional job has its own festival. At these festivals, workers organize events in memory of the ones who made their work a job; it is also an occasion where people can send their prayers to the gods for a prosperous life and better health. Copper casting, salt making, fish sauce making, and fishing industries all hold their own respective festivals, in addition to the festivals for everyone such as wonderful Bird Nest Festival and Sea Festival.

Another festival that you cannot miss is the Po Nagar Cham Towers Festival. Visitors will have the chance to experience to understand more about the Cham culture, a native Indochinese people who mostly lived in modern day Cambodia and Vietnam. This is one of the 16 biggest festivals of Vietnam. Based on the Lunar Calendar, the festival usually takes place from the 21st to the 23rd of March yearly.

Photographer: Văn Thành Châu


Nha Trang is a beach city, so you can expect to see fresh and delicious seafood anywhere you want to eat. The boats come to and from the deepest parts of the sea to catch the freshest and best seafood. Even in the stormy seasons the fishermen of Nha Trang still continue their work, only nearer to the coast. That is why there are seafood markets everywhere around the city, and why they are a staple of Nha Trang.

Going to the seafood markets right before dawn when the ships and boats are just getting back from their fishing is truly a treat. You can see the delighted smiles of fishermen after a long, successful work night. The market is not too chaotic, but there is never a lack of excitement and buzz. The conversations and interactions you will have are the rays of sunshine that breaks the dawn. Coming to the markets of Nha Trang and you will easily find your favorite fish fresh, clean, and for a reasonable price. A delicious seafood party is on the way!

Photographer: Evgeny Ermakov


Even if we do not know where or why a tradition begun, we still uphold it. In Nha Trang, this is no different. There are many quirky traditions here, unique to the region. They call plastic bags totes, they believe the ocean’s color is a perfect reflection of the sky’s, and they believe that jelly fish rice-noodle soup is only good in Nha Trang, because they have spent many years cultivating its taste.

The Tran Phu Street in Nha Trang is also loved by both the locals and travelers. Take a walk along the street for a magnificent view of the waves and the beach, while also enjoying the fresh ocean breeze. You will feel fulfilled in this moment. The beaches can get crowded at times, but not entirely because of travelers, the local people love to enjoy the water. The Nha Trang-ese especially love to bathe themselves in the sea, every morning and every evening. The locals go to bed quite early. but nightclubs and bars stay open late for tourists.

Photographer: soiphotography

Each day we create memories. Nha Trang, with its deep blue ocean and pristine beaches, has created unforgettable memories for all those who traveled here. Be prepared to feel at home, even when you are experiencing something new. Let the love rise in your heart and then you will want to stay forever.

You can only feel the grace and beauty of Nha Trang and its culture by travelling to this wonderful beach city. When you get the opportunity, don’t let it pass you by!

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Translated and adapted from this article.